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ArtSKey™ for Nokia 9110.

ArtSKey is a localization utility for Nokia 9110 Communicator. ArtSKey makes it easy to work with PDA users whose main language is not English (Cyrillic, Greek, Western European, Central (Eastern) European language families), using their national layout keyboard (like in desktop Windows®).
ArtSKey is also essential for those English speaking people who are using PDA with two languages.

General ArtSKey Features:
  1. Keyboard layout switching for easy typing of national characters (like Internationals in Windows 95/98).
  2. Desktop Windows keyboard style support including full re-mapping with pre-defined multi-lingual layout set supplied
  3. Correct national characters transmission in tasks, appointments and contacts synchronization with PC.
  4. Correct mail, fax sending/receiving with national symbols.
  5. Correct national www-pages viewing.
  6. Full Communicator shell translations if additional translation files is included (optional).

ArtSKey for Nokia Build #4130

ArtSKey for Nokia v4.1 Greek Localization for Greek language (1253 code page).
ArtSKey for Nokia v4.1 Central European Localization for Czech, Slovak, Polish and Slovenian languages (1250 code page).

Please carefully read license agreement before ArtSKey installing.

View the ArtSKey v4.1 (Greek) help pages here or download zip-file here.

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