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ArtSMarkô for Handheld PC (Windows CE 2.0) based on SH, MIPS processors.

ArtSMark - unique tool intended to make usage of Handheld PC much comfortable and simple.
    Since mobile devices has small screen and keyboard and their applications have non-resizable windows, the user has to make some efforts to switch to the particular application at the particular state. ArtSMark allows you to do it quickly.
    ArtSMark allows you to put a bookmark at frequently using application's window to pick-up it later at any time without long series of pen or key strokes.

ArtSMark Features:
- save and restore any state ("bookmark") of any standard Windows CE application;
- arrange saved bookmarks, write them to and read from the disk.

ArtSMark v1.0 -  for Handheld PC (Windows CE v2.0)

ArtSMark v1.0 SH/MIPS English version

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