1. Basic Information
  2. Installation
  3. Database updating
  4. Usage Notes
  5. ArtSMark examples
  6. Uninstallation
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Technical Support
  9. License agreement

  1. Basic Information.

ArtSMark is a software intended to make PPC and HPC usage more comfortable and simple.

ArtSMark allows you:

Since mobile devices have small screen and keyboard and their applications have non-resizable windows, the user has to make some efforts to switch to the particular application at the particular state. ArtSMark allows you to do it quickly.

For example, if you frequently copy files from My Documents folder to the Storage Card\Backup folder, you can create two bookmarks for the Explorer application: one for My Documents "state", next for Storage Card\Backup "state". Now you can perform quick switching between those folders. Just choose appropriate bookmarks from ArtSMark menu.

When you make a bookmark in Pocket Word, ArtSMark saves a cursor position of the opened document. At restoring the bookmark you will see on the screen a fragment of your document (which can be very large). You can create many bookmarks in the same Pocket Word document, and you don't have to scroll the document to the required text fragment, just choose an appropriate bookmark from ArtSMark menu.

You can create a bookmark on any Outlook data as well. To bring it on the screen you don't have to run the corresponding Outlook application and search the data, but just choose the bookmark from ArtSMark menu and the Outlook data will appear on the screen.

Certainly ArtSMark possibilities are not limited by those displayed in the examples above. See more in ArtSMark examples.

ArtSMark is Windows CE v2.0 compatible.

ArtSMark has an anti-piracy software protection. So you must perform Registration and Activation steps to start commercial full mode usage.

ArtSMark is trademark of ArtSoft. Windows CE are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

1998-99 ArtSoft (www.artsoft.ru, info@artsoft.ru)
All rights reserved. This computer program is protected by Russian and international copyright laws.