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Product list:

ArtSKey™ is a localization utility for Windows CE (v1.0...v2.1/Pro, 3.0, 4.0) based H/PCs. ArtSKey makes it easy to work with H/PC users whose main language is not English (Western European, Central (Eastern) European language families), using their national keyboard layout (like in desktop Windows®).

ArtSGraph™ is a powerful mathematical and calculation tool with graph features.

ArtSPen™ is a handwriting recognition tool. It is designed in single-character input style. It is a light but very powerful tool with self-learning capability.

ArtSMark™ is unique tool intended to make HPC usage more comfortable and simple

ArtSSave™ is unique backup/restore tool based on a differential method.

ArtSKeyBoard™ is resizable and customizable float screen keyboard.

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