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ArtSPen™ for Handheld PC (Windows CE 2.0; 2.1/Pro) based on SH, MIPS processors.

ArtSPen is a handwriting recognition tool. It is designed in single-character input style. It is a light but very powerful tool with self-learning capability.

ArtSPen Features:
- Free style handwriting with self-learning and full customization capability.
- Full non-English characters input support.
- Text macro support for speed writing in shorthand.

Currently only ArtSPen v1.1 (WE) has stand-alone version.

ArtSPen is supplied as a part of ArtSKey Plus products: ArtSKey v4.1 Plus and ArtSKey v2.1(WE) Plus

ArtSPen v1.1 (WE) -  for Handheld PC (Windows CE v2.0; 2.1/Pro)

ArtSPen v1.1 (WE) DEMO SH3/SH4/MIPS/ARM, DEMO of Handwriting recognition tool for "Western European" (1252 code page) languages: Danish, English UK, Finnish, French, French Belgian, French Canadian, French Swiss, German, German Swiss, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Spanish, Spanish Mexican, Swedish, Icelandic.

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