Examples of ArtSMark usage.

Adding bookmarks to Active Desktop.

Run ArtSMark. If ArtSMark was installed successfully you can find a shortcut to the ArtSMark executable file in the device’s Start->Program menu. After start of ArtSMark the icon in the lower right corner of the screen appears.

Now setup active desktop, as you like. I prepare following options: turn on five desktop items and arrange them so I can see most information. Now we should save this view of desktop. To do that just click on the ArtSMark icon and select menu item «Save Bookmark».

Saving confirmation dialog appears. You could change the bookmark name, as you wish. For example I choose name «Desktop1» because there will be other bookmarks associated with active desktops and that is first of them. Then press «Yes» button.

Now we can arrange and save next view of desktop. To rearrange current desktop view you need to select Setting item in Start menu of your device

then choose "Display" item.

Dialog «Display Properties» will appear. It is good idea to save a useful bookmark for this dialog since we will often use it.

For quick access to this bookmark we can place it to root of the ArtSMark menu.

Now we ready to change the view of desktop. Do not forget to turn on (if turned off) active desktop feature. To do it set radio-button «Display Active Desktop». Then select items of desktop you want to see and arrange them, as you like. For example I unselect the Logo and Owner information and place the Date information on top of viewing list.

Press the OK button. After changes take effect and we arrange items slightly (resize them) the desktop looks like that.

You could save obtained view of desktop too. To do it click on ArtSMark icon and select the «Save Bookmark» item.

Enter the bookmark name (I set name of bookmark as "Desktop2") in the appeared dialog and press «Yes» button.

So let us setup and save a third sample view of desktop. As above to change desktop we need to select the Setting item in the Start menu and then select Display item. After that we get the dialog «Display Properties». But now there is easiest way to reach this dialog! You remember that bookmark for this dialog was saved earlier. So just click ArtSMark icon and choose «Display Properties» item in the root menu (as the bookmark was named and placed to the root of menu).

Now we have got required dialog again without long series of waste clicks. Select new combination of desktop items you desire to view. For example I unselect the Date and Calendar information (Appointment) but select the Owner and Logo and place one to bottom of the list.

Then press OK button.

Again save bookmark for active desktop choosing «Save Bookmark» item in the ArtSMark menu.

In appeared dialog edit the default bookmark name to «Desktop3».

That is all. Now you can select any view of desktop simply selecting appropriate bookmark. To do it click ArtSMark icon and in appeared menu choose «More Bookmarks...» item.

There you find the bookmarks sorted by corresponded application names. We saved bookmarks only for active desktop so there only one submenu «Active Desktop». Selecting that we can see three-item menu appropriated for each view of desktop we saved.

Just select any of them and you will see corresponded view of desktop.

Now we do not need anymore the bookmark «Display Properties». Let us delete it. For that click on ArtSMark icon and select menu item «Delete Bookmarks». Then this menu item stays selected (checked). It means that we are in «Delete Bookmarks» mode and selecting of any bookmarks is deleting of them!

You can select several bookmarks to delete sequentially until the "Delete Bookmarks" item is unchecked.
In our example we should select «Display Properties» bookmark to delete it.

In the appeared confirmation dialog press «Yes» button.

Since we do not need to delete bookmarks anymore we should finish the «Delete Bookmarks» mode. Select ArtSMark «Delete Bookmarks» item again to cancel «deleting mode».